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13 June 2013 @ 04:20 pm
The Break-Up Letter  
Six minutes.

That's how long it took for our friendship to dissolve into nothing but a catastrophe of disillusionment. Not only did she fill up that translucent bag with a red, nutrient filled substance but also little tubes that would further the progression of life changing, scientific developments.

The last time I came to the clinic, I rushed into the doors, handed the lady my card and sat down waiting my turn. I briefly looked at the clock on the wall. 12:15
I picked up my phone and the screen lay bare. Nope. Nadda. Nothing. I knew this was coming so had prepped myself in the morning, after all I woke up hours before hand and had nothing but time to decide how my day would play out.

Shortly enough my turn came and my finger pricked, the other lady took me into a little room and sad me down; asking me all these sexual questions I had been asked numerous times before. I made sure to look her in the eye and try not to answer too quickly though I already knew the questions and subsequently the answers. I made a crack about my nervousness making my heart beat run fast but that was a partial lie. I had no idea why my heart beats so fast most of the time, IT JUST DOES. She laughs, I laugh, she lets me go.

The next lady I meet is adorable and I can't even remember our conversation except the one about time. Time.
That bloody dimension of passing events.

I seemed to have a pattern. She wished me a good eight minutes, complementing me on my blood flow. Her fingers pointing to the green, flashing light explaining that means things are going smoothly. She leaves.


She comes back and I quickly ask my time.

Ten minutes.

I gleam with happiness, so much faster than when I first started. Ate my cookies. Drank my juice. Walked outside to see the beautiful people of Suits. For a week I remembered this glorious moment. And then yesterday happened.

She went to the clinic, same process. We talked, laughed.

사이가 럿이아...

That was the main topic of conversation for whatever reason until-


I chuckle to myself while calmly asking, "what was her time?"

"six minutes" the lady responded.

Six minutes.
without effort.
All my work crushed, my glory ripped away.
Our friendship crumpled.

I can no longer see you, the one who beat my time by four minutes.
I will take solace that I increased my blood donation time each visit and will continue to do so, on time, with my initially scheduled appointment slot.
But I cannot see you.

BMmCh9nCIAAMrSN.jpg large
That is how our relationship ended.
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